Sherri Fransila

I am the owner of LocoMotion Fitness and your group fitness instructor.  As a fitness professional I ensure my certifications (including CPR), licenses (including those for music), and liability insurance are up to date.

I have had a lifelong love of fitness and sports that include aerobics, tennis, skiing, and boxing.  Then a simple fall while skiing at 15 led to 2 knee operations before my 18th birthday.  I still participated in sports, but my abilities and mobility declined over time.  By the time I was 40, I had severe osteoarthritis of my left knee which led to a total knee replacement at 50. 

After 13 years of limited mobility (10 years pre surgery, 3 years post surgery), I was slowly working myself back into activity but walking wasn’t cutting as a “sport” for me.  My husband saw an infomercial for “Latin line dancing,” and my life changed forever.  That Latin line dancing was Zumba®, and I fell in love before the end of my first class.

Born and raised in the Lower Mainland, I moved to Vancouver Island in 2017.  I very quickly settled into island living even though it was quite different from what I was used to – going from the hustle and bustle of a major metropolitan area to a small seaside town of 13,000.  You don’t need a tropical island to enjoy the “island” life, the island vibe is intrinsic to all islands.  We always be jammin’ with our ohana.

I attended Simon Fraser University for 3 years, studying kinesiology and marine biology, before dropping out.  It was the 70s, and there were no jobs in those fields.  It was time to get a job while I figured out a new plan.  While I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do when I grew up, I worked in retail and financial planning before becoming a medical editor and transcriptionist which is still my day job.  Now, the plan is to scale back on the day job and make fitness my retirement job.  (Time finally caught up with the dreams of an idealistic 18-year-old and there are now careers in fitness and marine biology.) Never give up on the dreams of your youth, their time will come.

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