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As mentioned in my bio, I fell in love with Zumba® after my knee replacement.  However, the only class near me was high intensity, high impact Zumba®, not exactly suitable for a deconditioned, middle-aged woman with a total knee replacement.  But I was in love; and I kept going, modifying everything on the fly to meet my abilities.  It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t pretty, and it definitely was not graceful; but with the support of the front row divas, I persevered until I found Zumba Gold®. 

Like many, I thought Zumba Gold® was a higher intensity class designed for veteran participants.  Then I read the description, it was just like Zumba® but low impact.  Zumba Gold® was better for me but not perfect as I still had to modify some moves to be safe for a knee replacement.  To better understand how to modify the moves, I became a licensed Zumba Gold® instructor.  At first my intention was to make the class safe for me but, guess what, change in plans.  There were others like me, so the plan changed from doing it just for me to creating joint-safe dance fitness classes accessible to others.

Then life happened, including the move to Vancouver Island.  I went from my hometown to a new town where I had no fitness or social networks.  While I got to know my new hometown, I became a certified group fitness instructor. 

In February 2019, I launched LocoMotion Fitness offering dance fitness classes, safe for knee and hip replacements, to the Oceanside area. 


Certified: Fitness Instructor Specialist (group fitness), Canfitpro, 2018; Active Aging Fitness, Canfitpro, 2017.

Supplementary certifications: Exercise for Knee & Hip Replacements, 2020; Stretching Anatomy, 2018; Nutritionist in Weight Management, FTC(UK), 2016.

Licensed instructor of Zumba Gold® and Zumba®, 2013; Strong Nation™, 2016.

Supplementary training: Zumba® Core, 2017; Zumba® Pro Skills, 2014.

Notes: (1) Certification requires studying online course material and/or classroom attendance, and passing theory and/or practical exams.  Maintenance of certification is governed by an independent body such as Canfitpro or provincial association and requires ongoing education and CPR certification as well as payment of an annual fee.  (2) Licensing requires attendance and participation in a 1-day or 2-day training session offered by a sponsoring company.  Maintenance of license is governed by sponsoring company and requires payment of a membership fee.

Zumba®, Zumba Gold®, and the Zumba Fitness logos are trademarks of Zumba Fitness, LLC, used under license.

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