Partners and Friends

I am looking for Community Partners and Friends to work with to bring more affordable fitness options to more Parksville residents.

A Community Partner donates space for classes.  Spaces must be non-carpeted and can be located within workplaces, clubs, organizations, or residential complexes.  The partner can host classes as a value-added benefit or revenue share to raise money for events (recommended top up is $1 to $2 per person). 

Alternatively, if you are a business that offers child/youth programs and have a non-carpeted space where music can be played without disrupting your activities, becoming a Community Partner provides a fun “parent minding” option while they are waiting.

For Community Partners, my base participant rate is $5 per person (before any host top up), and classes are approximately 1 hour. 

No space to donate, you can still be a Friend of LocoMotion Fitness by allowing me to promote my classes on your premises.  In exchange for free advertising, your members/residents would get free LocoZonly membership, valued at $20/yr. 

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