Private Classes

If you do not feel safe expanding your social bubble at this time, LocoMotion Fitness is pleased to be able to offer private classes for you and up to 5 friends (for a total bubble of 6). This is possible as Innovate Dance Arts has extra daytime slots available. I am open to offering private classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays until the end of the year. Time slots are currently open, but we must be out of the studio before their other classes begin at 3 p.m.

Class format for the private classes would be the same as for the “open” classes.

The only caveat for the private classes is that, to ensure your continued safety, the bubble members cannot be changed or added to (up to 6 in total) until the next month.

Because I am closing the classes to the open public and cannot fill empty spots, the rates for these classes will be monthly based on $45 per class.

  • September 2020: Mondays, $135. Wednesdays, $90. Fridays, $90.
  • October 2020: Mondays, $135. Wednesdays, $135. Fridays, $225.
  • November 2020: Mondays, $225. Wednesdays, $135. Fridays, $180.
  • December 2020: Mondays, $90. Wednesdays, $135. Fridays, $135.

(Note, some months there are fewer classes than there are days due to appointments I have already made.)


Email for more information or to preregister.

Updated August 28, 2020

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