Reactivation Plan

COVID is an ongoing, dynamic crisis and is likely to be such for the foreseeable future.  As we do not know who amongst us may be vulnerable, we all must act as if we are asymptomatic carriers.  It is my utmost priority to ensure your safety in all my reactivation planning.

LocoMotion Fitness is working through many options and considerations to keep us all moving, moving forward.  Those considerations include virtual classes and the resumption of live classes. 

Because I am a local Parksville resident, I can offer small classes; and I do mean small classes, as small as 4-5 participants.  While live classes likely won’t be feasible until the fall as there are many hoops to jump through before we get the green light to go live again, I am working on a formal reactivation plan to submit to Island Health. 

In addition to class size limits, some other changes will have to be made for the resumption of live classes including shortening to classes to 45 minutes (down from 55 minutes) to minimize time in the studio and allow time for safe entry/exit from the studio as well as proper cleaning after the class. Rates will be prorated based on the shorter class duration.

I am working on restructuring all choreography to keep you in your predesignated safe zones.  For live classes this will minimize the risk of slipstreaming and shared air, and for virtual classes this will increase the safety of you working out at home.

Noncontact payment via e-transfer will be implemented, and all participants will be required to preregister; this means no drop-ins.   

Please email me at to let me know if you would be interested in participating in virtual classes or the smaller live dance fitness classes.  You will be notified when classes start and of any advance purchase specials.

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